Natural Florida Water

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Florida Water, also called Agua de Florida, has traditionally been used for blessing, cleansing, and creating sacred space.

In many Meso-American spiritual practices this water is sprayed by sipping the water and spitting it back out, atomizing the liquid. This all-natural Agua de Florida was created for this very purpose. Commercial Florida Water contains synthetic fragrances and harmful alcohols, surfactants and other chemicals that should never be taken in orally. Bless Your Body's Florida Water is 100% natural and safe for oral use. Not only is this product safe, but healthy for the gums and teeth. If you are not privy to the idea of spitting Agua de Florida, you may like the idea of gargling with it to replace commercial mouth washes. Many of the essential oils, including Clove and Lavender, that are used in creating the water are powerful antiseptics.

This product has also been used in baths, as cologne, and added to cleaning water. A very versatile product, one bottle can act as a substitute for many household items. Aromatically, it has a very fresh, green, sweet floral scent. Since there are no surfactants in this product, a light shake will help further emulsify the oil into the water. The alcohol used in this product is vodka, drinking ethanol. The essential oil blend is made from 100% pure, natural, steam distilled essential oils. Some of these oils include: Lavender, Bergamot, and Clove. The coloring used in the water is a plant based, edible dye. Ingestion of this product is not recommended, avoid contact with eyes. This water is made in sacred space and charged with stones and prayers in accordance to Munay Ki. Sold in 4oz cobalt glass bottles or in 5oz and 8oz clear, tapered plastic bottles (shown in photo).

Ingredients - DI water, ethanol, essential oil blend, glycerine, Himilayan salt, food coloring.

  • Manufactured by: Bless Your Body

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