My name is Susan. I began researching and writing in 2012 after realizing much of my physical illness was stress induced. The subject fascinated me. But it didn’t take long for me to realize just how all encompassing the subject is and how seriously chronic stress effects all life.

My studies began with the over-all effects of stress on the pysical body, which then led me to the individual organs and how they effect one another, then the brain. Oh the brain. What a magnificent piece of machinery it is. But then I learned it is not just a piece of machinery. It is so much more. The subject became so overwhelming, I put it on the shelf for awhile. And this was just a study of chronic stress on the physical body.

It wasn’t long before my research led to emotional stress, then spiritual (not religion, not new age). But the real eye opener was with the perspective and how so much of it ties into the others; physical, emotional, and spiritual.

As my studies progressed, so did my illness. I tried every healing modality I could afford, and many that I could not afford. Some helped, but only temporarily. There just had to be more. I now knew the body could heal itself, but why wasn’t I healing? And why are so many people sick? Why does the whole world seem to be plagued with illness?

It is more than just the diet and other bad habits. It is so much more. The healing path is a difficult one. It takes a strong conviction and perseverance. Especially when we feel fatigued, confused, fearful, and alone in our suffering. It is so important to understand how it all works together and how amazingly the body responds to the other aspects of ourselves, whether negatively or positively. The world likes to tell us we are weak. But this is not true. Anything that makes us feel powerless is a lie. We are not powerless and weak, especially when we come together.

It is my dream that none suffer alone. That we come together in community and share what we have experienced and what we have learned from these experiences. There is nothing more beautiful than to watch a broken heart heal.