The main focus of Bless Your Body is integrative healing. The physical (healing of the body), emotional (healing of the heart), spiritual (healing of the spirit), and mental (change of perspective) are all tightly woven together. If one is broken, all suffer. It has taken years for me to learn of this. It was not until I applied this principal to my life, did I truly begin healing. Years of research into various healing modalities, and a fortune spent on as many as I could afford, and most I could not, left me frustrated, and broke.  It wasn’t until I hit the dark, cold bottom, was I finally able to see what I needed. 

It is difficult to structure this information in a non-chaotic format. But I have chosen to make chronic stress the main focal point. It is for this reason, Chronic stress has it’s own category.  The menu link “Stress 101” is an introduction to the overall deadly effects of chronic stress. The topic is also under the “Integratice Healing” categories. Integrative healing shows how it all fits together. My personal stories are woven in between and throughout these topics.This site should be fully functional by January 1, 2020. Thank you for your patience.

Bless Your Body. It’s the only one you have!