The allopathic medical industry is just another religion. Think about it for a moment. Just as in a religion, pick any one you like, we are expected to go to the priest or pastor, for absolution, or at the least, get advice on how to straighten out our lives. Do we do this because it is based in love or fear?

We have been programmed to believe, doctor knows best! Yet, except in the case of a broken bone that needs a cast, in most cases, they are just practicing. When a doctor is practicing medicine, it means just that. Practicing. Most notably, in the case of internal medicine. Here are couple of personal examples;

I am a Type 2 diabetic. For years the doctors insisted I inject insulin. One form would lower my blood sugar for a while and stop working so I was prescribed another type of insulin. The dosage increased every ime they put me on a different type. I became more ill as time past. My weight went from 125 lbs to 265 lbs over the course of three years. It did not matter what I did or did not eat, Eventually the complications of neuropathy in the hands and feet, and retinopathy of the eyes, took hold. My eyes started bleeding and I lost much of my site. I was told by retina specialists I would be blind in both eyes within six months if I did not take their treatments. I took three terrifying treatments than decided against it. Research taught me the treatments could actually cause blindness. I took a more natural healing route and recovered much of my site except for the scarring caused by the treatment. When I revisited my eye specialist, she was very excited the retinopothy was no longer active and the bleeding had stopped. That is until she discovered I was using natural treatments to heal and stopped the other. She was so angry she kicked me out of her office.

In addition, through much research I learned that Type 2 diabetes is not a disease of the pancreas failing to produce insulin. It is a failure of the body to use the insulin to carry glucose to the cells. I was producing plenty of insulin. I did not need to inject more of it. Type 2 diabetics across the planet are injecting insulin, thereby inducing insulin toxicity, a deadly condition. I took myself off the insulin and found ways to increase my insulin sensitivity and began to recover. I have not returned to a diabetic specialist since. This is not to say I don’t need to watch my blood sugar. It means I reversed the insulin toxicity and am working on repairing the damage from the insulin therapy.

In another case, I care for my brother who suffers from seizures do to a traumatic brain injury. For the past eight years, his seizures have been extremely severe, going off every 30 days like clockwork. He required hospitalization up until six months ago, which I will explain shortly. The neurologist just kept prescribing more and more pills. Not only do they not stop the seizures, or even slow them down, they are causing irritability and combativeness. To make matters more confusing, the inserts state the medications may cause seizures! Call me crazy, but this makes no sense to me. When I questioned the neurologist as to why he is prescribed medications that may cause seizures and why do none of the medications slow down or stop the seizures, I was asked “Are you a neurologist? Would you like to manage his care?” My reply was, “With all do respect, I do manage his care, 24/7. Apparently, I was not allowed to ask questions.

Eventually the hospital started sending him home as soon as he arrived and told me to stop calling 911, even though I was following the instructions of the neurologist which were to call 911 or irreparable damage could occur. I forced the hospital to give me a prescription for the medication they used in the emergency room to bring him out of it. For the past six months, he takes no more of the seizure pills, only .25mg of the liquid medication which brings him out of the seizures in less than one minute. In order to continue the prescription through his neurologist, I must pretend he is still taking the pills, lest he refuse to prescribe it because I defied his orders. For eight years my brother was on fourteen pills per day or more, resulting in extreme appetite reduction, memory loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, irritable, combativeness, and many other unimaginable symptoms. His digestion destroyed, he lost so much weight, we were accused of neglecting his nutritional needs. Now he only uses the one liquid medication and only when needed for seizure. He is gaining weight, his memory is returning, and he is hopeful for his future. Why was this medication not prescribed eight years ago? If the hospital new about it, why did they not tell me? Keeping my brother in his suffering in order to make money on those pills is the only reasonable explanation.

Priests in white coats, folks. Only they have the answers, which inevitably keeps us on useless and damaging prescription drugs until the damage to our organs is irreversible. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. If they get mad, ask the question, why? If they are overseers of our health, would they not want us to be well? If we are mentally healthy enough to think for ourselves, that is a good thing, right? Isn’t that a good thing?