We need to stop listening to our bureaucratic overlords and listen to our body. Our body screams out for us to listen. Physical pain is an indication something is wrong. Emotional pain is a warning signal. Killing physical pain with pain pills not only masks the problem but causes further damage to the body. Masking emotional pain with compulsive behaviors such as over eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol, and over-indulging in sexual promiscuity, does not heal the emotional trauma that causes the pain. The following all work together:

  • The Physical (Body),
  • The Emotional (Heart),
  • The Spiritual (Spirit)
  • The Mental (Perspective)

If one is broken they all suffer. I can share with you the power of each of these in my healing process. And I will in the essay section of this site. At time of this writing, I am 60 years of age. I have been working on my health in all these categories for as long as I can remember. Bureaucracies of all kinds have ruled my mind, body, and spirit since my birth, resulting in severe physical illness, severe emotional pain, severe self-image issues, and a severely warped sense of reality.

We all have our stories. We all have tales to tell. We all have puzzles with missing pieces. We are all trying to figure out our purpose here on earth. Fighting and arguing with one another brings no healing. We all have things to share. We all have important insights. We all have much to learn and much to heal.

Many say it is not possible for humanity to come together, to put down our swords and dagger and embrace one another. I disagree. I see the loneliness in peoples eyes everywhere I go. I see the hunger for companionship even when people are in the presence of another. People want to trust but are afraid to do so. People want to connect (in the real sense of the word) but do not know how. We need to heal as a people. We need to get back to our roots… humanity.